Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Engagement Rings with beautiful pink diamonds fashion

Colored diamonds are becoming a new style in several ways. They are a relatively fresh concept, with some stones ranging from white to yellow and others tinted blue or pink. While the blue diamond’s have a manly touch, the pink diamonds have a more feminine appeal. Generally they are designed for women of all ages and backgrounds. They are commonly mounted on a band of gold or silver, so as to not distract from the brilliant coloring in the stone.

These pink diamond gems will be used for several purposes. They are stunning accents that look great with a casual outfit but they can also be made in an engagement style. The bands are also customizable in their design. Some may be textured and etched while others are the classic smooth band. The most textured of the bands is a rope style. Several smaller ropes are injure together to create one singular band.

The stones themselves occasionally take on an imaginative air. They are sometimes created into square, ovals and ovals to emphasize their luster, cut and color. A nontraditional prong-free mounting is available as well.

There are numerous options available concerning style for these pink diamond rings. They can come in modern, traditional or classic designs. When choosing the vintage style the tops are going to be bigger and more embellished, on occasion using other stones of smaller size. A modern ring design is more likely to be in an attractive shape combined with an intricate band. It is becoming more and more general to use abstract visuals when designing modern rings. When it’s set with other, smaller, stones it becomes more of a classic or engagement style. Normally the two smaller stones are white or of a similar color, set right next to the pink stone.

This is the most typical of wedding or engagement style rings.

These gems are available in the similar cut designs as their colorless counterparts, but they can also be custom ordered for shape and style. The most frequent styles are, the princess, teardrop, square, and oval cuts etc. Custom made cuts are more luxurious, but make more of an impact. The bands can be platinum, yellow or white gold, and sterling silver. As with most other gems and metals they are sold by the combined weight of both the gem and metal. Anyone wanting to make a statement with their jewelry will find the perfect match in a pink diamond ring.


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