Friday, July 13, 2012

About Oval Engagement Rings Collection

Oval diamonds were first cut in early 1950's. The oval diamonds were prepared as a mix between Round cut diamonds and Marquise shape diamonds. One of the leading diamond cuts in fancy shape diamonds, Oval diamonds have for all time been very popular with women seeking alternate engagement rings. However in the last decade, Oval engagement rings have become more mainstream and oval diamond engagement rings are currently popular with women everywhere.

"Oval cut diamond engagement rings were always very popular with women who wanted something extraordinary, however with many celebrities showcasing their engagement rings with oval diamonds, Oval engagement rings have become more mainstream", says Mr. Mathew Bruno.

While the complete collection of Oval diamond engagement rings, showcases Oval cut diamonds, however customers still have lots of customization abilities to design the engagement rings to their preferences.

Customers can choose between different gold choices like White gold engagement rings and yellow gold engagement rings. Few of the very popular designs can also be modified in rose gold, and customers can get their rose gold engagement rings with oval cut diamonds. Customers would also be able to change the gold purity of their engagement rings, with most of the engagement rings available in 10k, 14k or 18k Gold options.

One of the major attractions of the new oval diamond engagement rings collection is the cheap and reasonable prices of the entire line. These Oval diamond rings are currently available on sale prices and customers can find many deeply discounted oval diamond rings at very cheap and affordable prices. Most of the oval diamond rings are however available in limited quantities and as such many designs have already been sold out.


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