Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The rarest red diamond rings

Red diamonds are the very rarest of their kind, and to see them set in a ring means that the ring is doubtlessly very, very expensive. Red is fiery, passionate, brave, strong and more – everything you had desire in love. It is also the color of your lifeblood, the one thing that keeps you alive with help from your heart. Red is consequently, unsurprisingly, the color of love.

Red diamonds are so rare because they only happen due to a structural anomaly caused by plastic deformities when their crystals are still in the process of forming. They are Type IIa gems and constitute a mere 1.8% of all diamonds found. However, an overwhelming part of that minute number was mined in Australia. Argyle Mine, to be exact; it is the source of many diamonds supplied worldwide.

Unlike white diamonds, or any other diamonds for that matter, the asking price for red diamonds can be as unpredictable as it is astronomical. Because so few are in existence and even fewer never had a previous ownership, they fetch almost-unworldly prices that are far beyond the reach of the average citizen. As expected, only billionaires and a smattering of millionaires can play this game.

As of April 2010, only 60 red diamonds have found owners, making the possibility of finding a red diamond ring even rarer; one would have a much improved chance aiming for a diamond with a blush of pink.

If you think you have a deep sufficient pocket and would like to give red diamond hunting a try, you will often find that information on it is scarce. This is, in part, due to the sheer infrequency of the gem. It might also have something to do with the detail that Argyle withholds information about its red diamond buyers.

There are a few things that stay constant regardless of a diamond’s availability, though; these can be used to judge the red diamond rings that you wish to buy, even if you are hard-pressed to find specific information about it online or offline.